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Simple.  We create custom digital experiences which help you extend your reach and engage your customers online.

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You have a website, right? But do you have a web experience?  Innovasium designs and builds awesome custom web experiences so you can effectively promote, sell, interact, transact, or entertain your target audience.  Oh yeah, and they’re built on Content Management Systems so the sites can be easily managed by non-techies (sorry geeks).

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It’s no longer enough just to have a website. Your customers live, work and play online on other channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In, Flikr, and Pinterest.  You need to meet them where they’re at.  So we help you design a multi-channel digital strategy and presence that’s right for you.

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Website, check.  Social, check.  So what next?  Build an App of course.  Apps enable a direct connection to your customer.  Apps can be useful and productive or fun and engaging.  Apps builds brand loyalty, frequency and referrals. Apps run in your website, in Facebook and on mobile devices seamlessly.

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Offline Services

What about Offline?

We live in the Real world too, not just the Digital one.  Branding, design, print and other “offline” needs are easily handled along with your Digital needs.

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Who Do We Work For

We work with the best, both big and small…

Our industry focus is on Healthcare, Investor Relations, as well as Consumer Packaged Goods, Government/NGO and the Manufacturing & Distribution industries. Innovasium has helped clients achieve their digital strategy objectives by collaborating with them from the very earliest stages of their projects.

Allergan, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Kraft, Cadbury, UNICEF, WWF, PAAB, Tearlab, Plexus 360, The Data Group, Trillium Gift of Life Network, Ontario Ministry of Health, Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services, SolidCAD, CACDS, Novo Nordisk, Biovail, Kraft, ING Direct, and Nissan to name a few.

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Stick to Your Knitting

We do digital, so you can focus on what you do best

Why work with us? We like to build cool stuff.  We design and engineer it really, really well.  We know the digital world and can be your guide. We work with you as a partner.  We’re loyal, dedicated and committed to our clients.  We’re easy to get along with! We’re affordable (sorry big agencies!).

How we work

Knitting Needles

About Us

Our foundation is our software, but our strength is helping clients “do digital”

Innovasium began, like most tech start-ups, in a basement. Back in 2000, two IT entrepreneurs (Daniel Hageman and Robert Smith) determined that what clients needed was a website they could manage themselves. So we built our first Content Management System (CMS), called FOREFRONT and started building websites on it. This foundation let us focus our time and effort with clients on their online marketing and custom business-to-business (B2B) needs. It also let our clients focus on their online business needs, not the underlying technologies.

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We’re here to discuss your digital plans and help you chart a course. Contact us for a free website assessment.

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