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Hank is an amazing tool that can help you find money in existing cash flow. Hanks automates your payments so that you always know how much is money left in your day-to-day bank account is available to spend, because the bills have been taken care of.

Budget Management

Hank looks at all monthly payments in relation to when consumers get paid and determines how much Hank's sponsor bank should debit on a weekly, biweekly, monthly or semi-monthly basis.

Financial Wellness

Hank's proprietary technology instructs Hank's sponsor bank to automatically release cash to the bank, lenders, credit cards companies and/or others payees on your behalf. In other words, no more check writing or need to figure out your cash flow. Hank handles it all.

Payment Security

Hank's sponsor bank takes the debited funds and stores them in your Hank Bank prepaid account until various monthly payments are due.

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